YM Lab 6 Peki-Avetile

YM Lab 6 Peki-Avetile

Volta Region

A community's plan for an ICT Lab is fulfilled


When Dr. Deborah Rose, President of the Helping Africa Foundation and Japhet Aryiku, Executive Director of the Helping Africa Foundation considered where to build the next ICT center in the Volta Region, they consulted with their friend and long-time supporter of the Yamoransa Model, Humphrey Ayim-Darke who suggested his hometown of Peki-Avetile. Humphrey also agreed to serve as the Promoter for the Center, and donated materials as well as his time to mobilize the community’s support.

In January of 2020, TECHAiDE, in their capacity as the technical partner for the Yamoransa Model, performed a needs assessment and selected a partially completed structure at the Avetile LA Primary/EP Primary and Junior High School. The Community had begun the project specifically to house an ICT Lab, and the building had a large hall with two rooms on either side.

The center hall would accommodate a 40-station EDULab Gold with a Makerspace in one of the other rooms and a Conference room on the other side. The community completed the building according to the specifications provided by TECHAiDE, which then oversaw the installation of the computers.

They were wirelessly linked to the ASANKA device that had been loaded with the STEM Educational Bundle as well as a Multimedia Teaching Tool, which includes a projector and screen. The Makerspace would serve as a place where students can work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, Virtual Reality systems, and 3D printing. The Center was also equipped with solar panels so that there would be no disruptions to the students in the event of a power failure.

The Center was officially dedicated on November 17th, 2020 in a ceremony that included the Honorable Ernest Mallet, District Chief Executive of South Dayi, Madame Janet Valerie Datsa, District Education Director, Mr. Humphrey Ayim-Darke, the Vice President of the Association of Ghana Industries and the project Promoter.

Dr. Deborah Rose, President of the Helping Africa Foundation, Japhet Aryiku, Executive Director of the Helping Africa Foundation, Kafui Prebbie, the CEO of TECHAiDE, and Sukai Sey, a Maryland school teacher who has a home in The Gambia.

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