The Yamoransa Model

We are the catalyst for change. Working with our partners, the Yamoransa Model creates community-supported sustainable development projects that bring Information and Communications Technology to underserved communities.

The Yamoransa Model

The Yamoransa Model links a community to our change-agents. We follow a process of design. First comes the exploration of needs. We then design and install solutions. Through feedback, assessment, and learning, the changes can be enhanced and sustained.





The Yamoransa Model aims to provide an opportunity for students to expand their STEM education through practical experience.

The program provides selected communities with ICT (Information and Communications Technology) centers equipped with educational content and multimedia, as well as a robotics labs, AR/VR learning and 3D Printing.

Students who use these labs are fully exposed to contemporary technology and to educational content to enhance their studies.

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The Yamoransa Model

The “Yamoransa Model” is a unique, ongoing partnership to encourage sustainable development. It is a tool to empower communities to drive their individual development agendas through wholehearted engagement that fully exercises community rights and responsibilities as key stakeholders in projects identified by the community, and funded by a combination of community and outside donor support.


We are grateful for the support of the Helping Africa Foundation, Deborah Rose, President


Kafui A. Prebbie
Projects Director
email: [email protected]


 Yamoransa Declaration

Our use of the name Yamoransa is founded on a declaration by dignitaries of Yamoransa and supporters of the Yamoransa Model.