YM Lab 4 Choggu

YM Lab 4 Choggu

Northern Region

The Second Lady of Ghana proposes a center in the Northern Region


Following the dedication of Lab 3, Japhet Aryiku and Deborah Rose had a meeting with the Second Lady of Ghana, Mrs. Samira Bawumia to brief her on the Yamoransa Model for Sustainable Development. At that meeting they asked her if she had any suggestions about where to place a 4th Lab in the Northern Region. The Second Lady suggested 2 villages and TECHAiDE then visited the villages to conduct a needs assessment.

One of the villages already had a modest computer center and a smaller student population, and the other had 8,000 students and only one computer, so it was clear that Choggu clearly had the greatest need.

Based on the size of the student body, this was the first ICT Center that had two labs with a total of 58 computers, as well as a Maker Space. The Second Lady also suggested that the Center be equipped with solar panels so that the frequent interruptions in the power grid would not disrupt the Center especially since many of the students had come long distances to get there.

Deborah Rose, Japhet Aryiku, and Kafui Prebbie immediately saw the wisdom in this idea and not only installed the panels on Lab 4 but have now made the installation of solar panels a part of the Yamoransa Model for all future centers and are retrofitting them on the previous centers.

The Center was officially dedicated on May 27th, 2019 in a ceremony that featured the Second Lady of Ghana, local officials and a number of other dignitaries, including Deborah Rose, President of the Helping Africa Foundation, Japhet Aryiku, Executive Director of the Helping Africa Foundation, and Kafuie Prebbie, CEO of TECHAiDE.

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