The Yamoransa Model Goes International

The Yamoransa Model Goes International

Published on July 3rd

The Yamoransa Model has expanded its presence in Anglophone West Africa by renovating and equipping the first lab to be opened outside of Ghana.  The Center will be located within the St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School in Banjul,  Gambia.  The Promotor is Ms. Sukai Sey, an alumna of the school.  

Sukai Sey, Deborah Rose, Laurin Assiamah-Yeboah, Kafui Prebbie, Hannah Coker, and Claudiana Ayo Cole

Ms. Sukai Sey, Promotor and alumna of the St Joseph Senior Secondary School; Deborah Rose, President of the Helping Africa Foundation; Laurin Assiamah-Yeboah of Implementers; Kafui Prebbie, CEO of Implementers and TECHAiDE join Ms. Hannah Coker, Principal,  and the Honorable Claudiana Ayo Cole, Minister of Basic and Secondary Education of the St. Joseph’s School of Banjul, Gambia, in a ceremony to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to renovate the building and equip two computer learning labs and a conference room at the School. on Sunday March 23rd, 2021. The package will also include a “Maker Space” and solar panels to provide back-up electricity during power outages.  

They also discussed the need to adapt the curricular content on the ASANKA device, to bring it up to the Senior High School level, and add the subjects required in the Gambia that differ from those offered in Ghana. 

St. Joseph’s School has been working diligently on renovating the central building and associated infrastructure, including expanding the latrines to accommodate students from rural areas. That work I ongoing, with the dedication planned for July 15th, 2021. 

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