Impact Education Conference | 2019

Impact Education Conference | 2019

Published on August 30th

The Impact Education Education Conference (IEC)  is organized by TECHAiDE every year to showcase how education in Ghana has been impacted by technology. This year, the IEC took place on Wednesday August, 7, 2019 at the British Council, Accra-Ghana. The occasion was graced with several educationist and technology partners as well.

The Yamoransa Model Labs representatives were invited to the occasion to showcase how the model has impacted education in Ghana. At least the Ghana Education Service (GES) representative and manager of each lab attended the occasion to present their various labs components and their impact on education so far.  

The representatives presented various accomplishments their labs have made of the time and also shared experiences among themselves. At the end of the event, the participants came to embrace how well the Yamoransa Model has played and still plays a very important technological role in the lives of school children as well as education as a whole.

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