YM Lab 7 | Background & Stakeholder Meetings |  August 7, 2020

YM Lab 7 | Background & Stakeholder Meetings | August 7, 2020

Published on August 14th


The 7th Yamoransa Model (YM) Lab will be deployed in Nkonya Ahenkro in the Oti Region of Ghana. The location for this lab, Nkonya Ahenkro was selected in collaboration with the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC). They were already working on deploying ICT Centers in the Biakoye district due to its poor access to ICT resource facilities. However, Nkonya Ahenkro was the only major town in the district where GIFEC had not deployed a center..  

As part of the needs assessment process, the District Directorate of Education and District Assembly of Biakoye were consulted and 2 sites were proposed – Nkonya Area Council & Nkonya R/C JHS.

 Out of the two sites, Nkonya R/C JHS was selected for the following reasons:

  • Available space for housing 2 ICT Labs, a Makerspace and Conference facility
  • Highly accessible to about 20 schools in the community 
  • Suitable and functional building structure with at least 3 classrooms available.

 As a requirement of the Yamoransa Model, the district assembly agreed to renovate the selected site to prepare the structure for the project. The project is proposed to be commissioned in October 2020 and expected to have 2 EDULabs (computer labs), a Makerspace and  a conference room.

Left to Right: Mr. Apepe Amakwata (Biakoye District Coordinating Director), Mr. Kafui Prebbie (YM Labs Program Director), Hon. Comfort A. Attah (Biakoye District Chief Executive), Madam Roselyn Kafui Ofori(Biakoye District Education Director). The Biakoye District Chief Executive, Education Director, Coordinating Director and YM Labs Program Director sign the YM Lab 7 MoU.

Stakeholder Meeting II

The IMPLEMENTERS team, led by Mr. Kafui Prebbie and Ms. Laurin Assiamah-Yeboah, met with key members of the Biakoye District Assembly and Education Directorate on August 7, 2020 to discuss next steps for the project. The following ensued from the trip:

  1. Works have commenced to ensure that the structure is fully renovated by the end of September 2020.
  • The heads and ICT teachers of schools were briefed on the details of the project. They were enlightened on their roles and responsibilities for a successful project. This included ensuring that learners patronize the labs and participate in committee meetings. The teachers were enthused about the project and expressed their willingness to see to its success.
  • The MoU for YM Labs was signed by all key stakeholders i.e the District Assembly (DA), Education Directorate (ED), IMPLEMENTERS.. This agreement  would be signed later by HAF and FYF. 
  • The team instituted dedication planning meetings that would be held virtually to plan the commissioning of the lab after its completion.  
Front Facing: Mr. Apepe Amakwata (District Coordinating Director)
First lane – Left to Right: Mr. Kafui Prebbie, Mr. John Gbettor (District Planning Officer), Mr. Samuel Ashiagbor (District Engineer), Madam Roselyn Kafui Ofori (District Education Director).
Second Lane – left to right: Mr. John Nsor(GES), Mr. Benedict Kumi (GES), Mr. Isaac Bansah (Assistant District Planning Officer), Mr. Moses Ansah (GES).
 Kafui Prebbie giving the teachers a brief on the YM Lab 7 project
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