Vision Screening Pilot Project Initiated May 24, 2019

Vision Screening Pilot Project Initiated May 24, 2019

Published on May 25th

The Yamoransa Model Pilot Vision Screening project, funded by the Helping Africa and Friends of Yamoransa Foundations, took place on May 24, 2019 at the Yamoransa ICT Centre. This project was requested at the instance of the President of the Foundations, Dr. Deborah Rose with the aim of test screening 100 members of the Yamoransa Community to prepare for an actual vision screening project which would screen a much larger number. The Global Vision 2020; a not-for-profit organization providing eye care solution, supplied the eyeglasses and eye sight test kits to be used for the project.

The project initially aimed at screening both aged and children in the ratio of  60:40. However, 105 participants showed up to partake in the event; 78 aged and 27 children. At the end of the event, over 50 participants were given glasses ranging from readers and U-see lenses to assist them with their eyesight. Over 40 participants were also given medications to treat their basic eye problems. Also, over 20 participants were referred to the University of Cape Coast Hospital for further help. The project ended successfully with a lot of lessons learned to carry out an actual eye screening event which would screen about 500 people. 

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