Solar Installation for YM LAB 4 Started in Choggu

Solar Installation for YM LAB 4 Started in Choggu

Published on July 10th

The Second Lady H.E. Samiri Bawumia requested solar panels from the start of YM Lab 4 project so that students traveling a long way toward the Educational Lab would not be disappointed if a power outage shuts down the computers. When the manager of the YM Lab 4 posted pictures of students who had come from 2 schools to use the facility but could not because of a power outage, it buttressed the idea to have the solar installed. The Helping Africa and Friends of Yamoransa Foundation then approved and funded the request. The solar team is currently working to complete the installation in a couple of weeks. This would bring an end to the power challenge and guarantee the continued and heavy usage of the facility for the desired impact.

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