1st Stakeholder Consultation for the YM Lab5, Kyebi

1st Stakeholder Consultation for the YM Lab5, Kyebi

Published on July 18th

The IMPLEMENTERS team carried out the first stakeholder consultation for the YM Lab 5 project on Tuesday July 16, 2019 as part of the Yamoransa Model Process Flow at the meeting room of the Abuakwa South Municipal Assembly — the host local government. The team, involving Mr. Kafui Prebbie and Ms. Laurin Assiamah-Yeboah met with the key officials of the local government being the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Municipal Coordinating Director (MCD), Municipal’s Director of Education, Municipal Finance Officer (MFO), Municipal Internal Auditor (MIA), Municipal Planning Officer (MPO) Municipal Budget Analyst (MBA) , staff of the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications(GIFEC) managing the Eastern Region  of Ghana, and other key staff of the Education Directorate. 

An overview of the Yamoransa Model and the upcoming fifth lab, the YM Lab 5 project we presented by Mr. Prebbie. The stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities for a  successful project was thoroughly discussed. After fully understanding what needed to be done, the members accepted the concept and ideas of the YM lab 5 project and gave it a go ahead.The team will have a follow up stakeholder consultation meeting is on July 30, 2019 which will involve the heads of the beneficiary schools for the project. 

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